Photoshop tips for the retouching of digital photos
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Resizing Photos V. in Photoshop

level: Very easy

Even group resizing is possible with the somewhat hidden Image Processor.

Softening edges (Photoshop Video)

level: advanced

How to soften edges in your photos

Photoshop Touch: Sunny Afternoon effect


This time we're going to transform a gloomy picture into a sunny one with the Photoshop version made for mobile phones.

Cross-development (Insta-effect) in Photoshop

level: easy

Create a world of colors you like.

Photoshop Touch: Increasing contrast with layers


We have tested contrast settings in tablet version of Photoshop.


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Freeware programs|2008.07.04.

Adobe Photoshop Express (Beta) - Photo editing I.


What is Adobe's free online editor capable of?


Free Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Plugin Tutorials for Digital Photographers

5 Random Tutorials

Reducing the number of colors in Photoshop

level: easy

Who needs 16 million of them when 3 is spectacular enough?!
Date: 2007.07.24. Category: PS Tutorials Hits: 70202

Lightness III. in Photoshop

level: very easy

As always, we introduce a simple, but unorthodox method to make your pictures lighter.
Date: 2007.11.25. Category: PS Tutorials Hits: 7394

Phase One Capture One 4.0


The first article in a series introducing Phase One's RAW converter
Date: 2011.06.26. Category: CaptureOne Hits: 5895

Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2: rotating, resizing, cropping


What shall we do with an unruly photo?
Date: 2011.02.05. Category: Paint Shop Pro Hits: 14539

Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2: User interface


Getting acquainted with main components and tools.
Date: 2010.01.05. Category: Paint Shop Pro Hits: 17879

Most Popular Tutorials

Background blur in Photoshop

level: advanced

Faking it: depth of focus
Date: 2007.08.17. Category: PS Tutorials Hits: 335925

Merging photos in Photoshop

level: easy

Two different photos merging with each other.
Date: 2007.10.25. Category: PS Tutorials Hits: 262311

Vignette effect in Photoshop

level: advanced

This time, we will make the corners darken.
Date: 2008.03.15. Category: PS Tutorials Hits: 209518

Fisheye effect in Photoshop

level: easy

A radical distortion á la fisheye lens.
Date: 2009.10.14. Category: PS Tutorials Hits: 126317

Removing color noise in Photoshop

level: advanced

Noise… the bogeyman! We can almost see digital photographers shiver and shrink. Well, not those who read us.
Date: 2007.10.16. Category: PS Tutorials Hits: 98358


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