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You haven't got the slightest inkling about pro portrait makeovers? Well, there are some softwares out there that will make it for you.

Selecting faces II. in Photoshop CS5, CS6

level: advanced

An even more accurate selection in the same photo. For advanced users and time millionaires.

Increasing contrast II. (Photoshop Video)

level: advanced

How to increase contrast in your photos. Part II.

Photoshop: Sharpening III.

level: advanced

We are continuing with our sharpening series in a bit more serious manner.

Applying borders III (Photoshop Video)

level: easy

How to apply borders in your photos. Part III.


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Free Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Plugin Tutorials for Digital Photographers

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National Geographic 2346 shoulder bag / photo side bag


A small bag from NatGeo
Date: 2011.02.26. Category: Review Hits: 7936

Brightness and contrast III in Photoshop

level: advanced

Perfect microcontrast without increasing saturation.
Date: 2011.11.19. Category: PS Tutorials Hits: 4766

Increasing contrast in Elements

level: easy

Midtones, step forward! Stay where you are, the rest of you!
Date: 2008.04.19. Category: PS Elements Hits: 12207

Photo Review – Etna, San Pietro


Crossing borders
Date: 2013.04.04. Category: Harmadik szem Hits: 2556

Color replacement in Photoshop

level: easy

Let red turn blue!
Date: 2007.11.05. Category: PS Tutorials Hits: 53704

Most Popular Tutorials

Background blur in Photoshop

level: advanced

Faking it: depth of focus
Date: 2007.08.17. Category: PS Tutorials Hits: 330673

Merging photos in Photoshop

level: easy

Two different photos merging with each other.
Date: 2007.10.25. Category: PS Tutorials Hits: 256661

Vignette effect in Photoshop

level: advanced

This time, we will make the corners darken.
Date: 2008.03.15. Category: PS Tutorials Hits: 206351

Fisheye effect in Photoshop

level: easy

A radical distortion á la fisheye lens.
Date: 2009.10.14. Category: PS Tutorials Hits: 123191

Removing color noise in Photoshop

level: advanced

Noise… the bogeyman! We can almost see digital photographers shiver and shrink. Well, not those who read us.
Date: 2007.10.16. Category: PS Tutorials Hits: 96822


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