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Photoshop Video|2014.04.03.
Photoshop Tutorials|2014.04.03.
Photo review|2014.03.27.
Photoshop Video|2014.03.25.

Cropping photos (Photoshop Video)

level: very easy

How to crop your photos

Fragmented JPG II. in Photoshop

level: advanced

The same as earlier. We are going to remove compression artifacts.

Photo Reviews - Travelling is joy.


Street / Cathedral

Sharpening II. (Photoshop Video)

level: advanced

How to sharpen your photos.

Android: Retro Photo Camera


It ages your photo taken by your mobile phone


Which photo editor do you often use?

Photoshop elements
Paint Shop Pro
other software


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PS Tutorials|2007.02.13.

Perspective correction in Photoshop

level: easy

What to do when buildings tilt in a curious way on your photos? A simple trick to solve the problem.


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How to set color saturation in your photos

Date: 2014.03.10. Category:

Photoshop Video

 Hits: 419
Level: Very easy

Let’s do something about over-compressed pictures.

Date: 2014.03.09. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 505

How to replace colors in your photos

Date: 2014.03.09. Category:

Photoshop Video

 Hits: 314

How to create pseudo-infrared effect in your photos

Date: 2014.03.09. Category:

Photoshop Video

 Hits: 464

How to use sepia effect in your photos

Date: 2014.02.16. Category:

Photoshop Video

 Hits: 1531

The quickest way to “kill the rainbow”.

Date: 2014.02.04. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 1627

How to create a horizontal horizon in your photos

Date: 2014.01.19. Category:

Photoshop Video

 Hits: 1854

How to remove unwanted elements from your photo

Date: 2014.01.19. Category:

Photoshop Video

 Hits: 2016

We are going to invert the colors of the negative, which is not going to that simple.

Date: 2014.01.04. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 1640

Just because something is for free, it can still be good.

Date: 2013.12.29. Category:


 Hits: 873

How to apply borders in your photos

Date: 2013.12.26. Category:

Photoshop Video

 Hits: 570

Summer morning / Buddies

Date: 2013.12.20. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 650

How to remove red eye effect in your photos

Date: 2013.12.18. Category:

Photoshop Video

 Hits: 1022

A click on each eye with the new tool.

Date: 2013.12.17. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 525

How to lighten your photos

Date: 2013.12.10. Category:

Photoshop Video

 Hits: 433

How to turn your photos black and white

Date: 2013.12.10. Category:

Photoshop Video

 Hits: 441

I’m doing it for the thrill. Once it’s old, let’s make it look even more old.

Date: 2013.11.21. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 838
Level: Very easy

How to sharpen your photos

Date: 2013.11.05. Category:

Photoshop Video

 Hits: 808

How to apply borders in your photos

Date: 2013.11.01. Category:

Photoshop Video

 Hits: 960

It’s going around / Got you!

Date: 2013.10.28. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 742

How to lighten with the new blending mode in CS5?

Date: 2013.10.03. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 1483

Save and Import

Date: 2013.09.26. Category:


 Hits: 1578

Or the camera, more like it.

Date: 2013.09.22. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 1445
Level: advanced

Night light effect in a photo taken by daylight.

Date: 2013.09.19. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 1372

It’s not so much photo adjustments as photo manipulation, as we want to replace one color with another one.

Date: 2013.09.19. Category:


 Hits: 1948

Photoshop Touch may well be the most compact image editing software available for Android.

Date: 2013.09.14. Category:


 Hits: 1275

Those nasty, flying and swirling pieces of hair…

Date: 2013.09.08. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 1554

A picture without title is like a child without name.

Date: 2013.08.01. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 1184

An old sign on an old wall.

Date: 2013.07.27. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 1391

Creative image effects and image bordering in the new mobile version of the free Photoshop.

Date: 2013.07.18. Category:


 Hits: 2430

I like photos of cities. Not photos of buildings…

Date: 2013.06.27. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 1337

We are now imitating the dark image with blurred edges effect of the camera obscura.

Date: 2013.06.22. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 2269
Level: advanced

3D swinging flag pattern.

Date: 2013.06.09. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 4368

This time we’ll be talking about the settings hiding under the second icon...

Date: 2013.06.06. Category:


 Hits: 3360

A virtual filter against the bleached sky

Date: 2013.05.20. Category:


 Hits: 4500

The world of interiors

Date: 2013.05.11. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 4667

How to make an accidental reflection on the shiny parts of a photo unnoticeable.

Date: 2013.05.05. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 5275

Yet again, those silly wires hanging in your picture.

Date: 2013.04.18. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 5912

What else would we discuss in our first article about Androids but the mobile version of the king of photo manipulation, Adobe Photoshop Express.

Date: 2013.04.16. Category:


 Hits: 4319

We’ll now restore white balance and balance red colors.

Date: 2013.04.14. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 3151

Impressionist painting, only a bit different.

Date: 2013.04.09. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 3431

Crossing borders

Date: 2013.04.04. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 2379

The solution for inclining building photos lies somewhere within Lightroom.

Date: 2013.03.24. Category:


 Hits: 2834

The sky is better off without wires.

Date: 2013.03.18. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 3401

One in a million.

Date: 2013.03.10. Category:

Photo Retouch

 Hits: 3141

The appropriate algorithm for zoom in and zoom out respectively.

Date: 2013.03.02. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 2981

I received two fine pictures!

Date: 2013.02.24. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 2975

The important details are highlighted.

Date: 2013.02.24. Category:


 Hits: 3760

A picture of any size and position you like.

Date: 2013.02.20. Category:


 Hits: 2874

Aside with the glass. Let’s see what a digital filter is capable of.

Date: 2013.02.16. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 3440

Over-exposure, an effect reminiscent of graphics. Go for it!

Date: 2013.02.12. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 3756

Void of colors

Date: 2013.02.04. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 2299

Cropping and rotation in all proportions.

Date: 2013.02.01. Category:


 Hits: 3828

Lightroom version 2 allows for some retouching directly in RAW photos.

Date: 2013.01.22. Category:


 Hits: 3224

Photoshop against gloominess and grey.

Date: 2013.01.19. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 3242

Channels, color modes, and sharpening.

Date: 2013.01.14. Category:

Paint shop pro

 Hits: 2964

Back to nature.

Date: 2013.01.13. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 2333

Black sky and white foliage… of course, it is the infrared filter.

Date: 2013.01.09. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 3413

Brightness and contrast in the photo, in many ways.

Date: 2013.01.04. Category:


 Hits: 2983

Again, Janos Vajda got two photos in his hands.

Date: 2012.12.16. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 2780

How to bring backward inclining buildings back in balance with a Photoshop tool.

Date: 2012.12.09. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 3238

We are going into more depth with sharpening.

Date: 2012.12.08. Category:

Paint shop pro

 Hits: 3210

Plastic photos

Date: 2012.11.28. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 3026


Date: 2012.11.27. Category:

Photoshop plugins

 Hits: 4319

Good old gamma adds some fill light to the shadows.

Date: 2012.11.26. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 3165

Again, brightness and contrast are in the focus, but this time let’s go deeper in the topic.

Date: 2012.11.25. Category:


 Hits: 2995

We are looking at the two best-accomplished pieces in the sequence.

Date: 2012.11.19. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 2628

“Digital photo labor” opens again.

Date: 2012.11.18. Category:

Photoshop plugins

 Hits: 3124

Indeed, what are they good for?

Date: 2012.11.18. Category:


 Hits: 3700

Too dark corners in a mono-color area? It’s a piece of cake.

Date: 2012.11.17. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 2802

We are facing two intriguing experiments in these photos of musical instruments.

Date: 2012.11.11. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 2622

Cropping the picture to a custom shape

Date: 2012.11.11. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 3034

Is there anything under the white?

Date: 2012.10.28. Category:


 Hits: 2761

Analysis of nature photos from János Vajda.

Date: 2012.10.23. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 2799

Yet again, contrast-ruining mist goes away.

Date: 2012.10.23. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 3021

We are now re-launching our photo review column with the help of János Vajda.

Date: 2012.10.17. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 2495

Would you like the original colors back?

Date: 2012.10.10. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 3387

“Lensdoctor” offers cure for all kinds of lens distortion.

Date: 2012.10.08. Category:

Photoshop plugins

 Hits: 3445

Pick a background to your liking with the help of a hidden tool.

Date: 2012.09.26. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 4063

Exactly what the title suggests.

Date: 2012.09.24. Category:


 Hits: 3900

The right exposition and contrast – a step deeper insight.

Date: 2012.09.24. Category:


 Hits: 3913

Triple noise = film grain?

Date: 2012.09.21. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 3436
Level: advanced

Awkward, colored stripes over the photo? Let’s get rid of them at once!

Date: 2012.09.18. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 6564

Elliptic-shaped photos for websites. Illusion, bet it may work.

Date: 2012.09.04. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 5733

Here’s the chance to get to know “Digital film laboratory” option.

Date: 2012.08.26. Category:

Photoshop plugins

 Hits: 3817

We will carefully restrain some colors on the loose.

Date: 2012.08.18. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 5931

Colors are weighted

Date: 2012.08.16. Category:


 Hits: 4410

Decolorization is not enough here.

Date: 2012.07.14. Category:


 Hits: 4398

Make the delicate texture more definite and they will get accentuated in your photo.

Date: 2012.07.08. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 4990

Balázs Turay picked three gig photos again and let his thoughts wander around.

Date: 2012.07.07. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 3096

The same but differently

Date: 2012.07.03. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 3691

If you lack precious time

Date: 2012.06.28. Category:


 Hits: 4570

We will now make the same editing actions in every piece in the photo sequence but quickly.

Date: 2012.06.25. Category:


 Hits: 3641

Thoughts and photos of concerts.

Date: 2012.06.21. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 2772

How to cut out something complicated.

Date: 2012.06.17. Category:

Photoshop plugins

 Hits: 5894

We now put the “smart” Photoshop sharpening filter to the test.

Date: 2012.06.16. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 3530

Some tips for easy and quick editing.

Date: 2012.06.12. Category:


 Hits: 4025

In another article we emphasized wrinkles, now we are about to remove them.

Date: 2012.06.10. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 5772

RAW image is at its best without the purple and green worms.

Date: 2012.06.04. Category:


 Hits: 4417

Motto: the photo is cheating. What appears in the picture is not reality even if it wants to make you believe that. It points over reality.

Date: 2012.05.31. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 3085

This time with a Photoshop CS2 paint brush.

Date: 2012.05.28. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 4700

A magnetic lasso? No, it’s not a western movie.

Date: 2012.05.27. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 4041

Those darned titles…

Date: 2012.05.19. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 3049

We’ll now become double dealers. Of course, it’s all just in the photo.

Date: 2012.05.13. Category:


 Hits: 4489
Level: advanced

We will calculate the image area we wish to edit.

Date: 2012.05.05. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 4018

Let's see how an artist works!

Date: 2012.05.01. Category:

Other Programs

 Hits: 5331

Hypnotic eyes? We should brighten them a bit.

Date: 2012.04.29. Category:


 Hits: 4155

A complex set of steps for the same result.

Date: 2012.04.22. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 6522

Though there is a shorter way, we prefer the winding road yet again.

Date: 2012.03.31. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 5001

Paint Shop Pro offers several solutions for red eye effect starting from darken brush to colored contact lenses.

Date: 2012.03.04. Category:

Paint shop pro

 Hits: 4004

Excessively glowing cheeks? Take out the Lightroom sliders.

Date: 2012.02.28. Category:


 Hits: 8532
Level: Very easy

Sand in the wheels. It won't last long.

Date: 2012.02.20. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 4326

Balázs Turay got in his hands again three of Szilvia Bátky-Valentin’s gig photos. The main motif is the esthetics and role of blur, but Rembrandt and Blade Runner are also mentioned.

Date: 2012.02.11. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 3235
Level: advanced

Those old photos just keep growing yellow.

Date: 2012.02.04. Category:

Photo Retouch

 Hits: 4667

Simple workflow, quick undo.

Date: 2012.01.29. Category:


 Hits: 4566

Just like with a thin paper sheet, darker things show through.

Date: 2012.01.28. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 4556

We’ll surround the essence with a soft, transitional, colorful border.

Date: 2012.01.22. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 3906

Back to an earlier step in editing.

Date: 2012.01.17. Category:


 Hits: 4940

Expressive wrinkles

Date: 2012.01.15. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 8069

There’s no need for a dentist, Dr Lightroom solves it for you!

Date: 2012.01.14. Category:


 Hits: 9271

An opportunity to enhance the details of a photo

Date: 2012.01.14. Category:

Paint shop pro

 Hits: 5175

We’ll select something and then resize the selection box. And that’s all folks. That’s all folks.

Date: 2011.12.18. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 8667

The quickest way to create the cold film effect.

Date: 2011.12.17. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 5533

Play freely with colors.

Date: 2011.12.04. Category:


 Hits: 5542

Gambling with a llama

Date: 2011.12.02. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 3542

Perfect microcontrast without increasing saturation.

Date: 2011.11.19. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 4522

You are about to see something like never before.

Date: 2011.11.18. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 4005

Up for the neon green!

Date: 2011.11.09. Category:


 Hits: 4935

After perspective correction, a slight adjustment on one half of a picture

Date: 2011.10.30. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 8035

A new one becomes old or at least looks old.

Date: 2011.10.25. Category:


 Hits: 5280

An extraordinary tripod bag for the demanding-and the ignorant rich

Date: 2011.10.23. Category:


 Hits: 5467

Here we are again face to face with the exacerbating chromatic aberration. It is a color noise in fact – so let's get rid of it.

Date: 2011.10.20. Category:

Paint shop pro

 Hits: 4472

Gone like mist. Getting rid of a veil.

Date: 2011.10.16. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 4724

You can make the fragmentation caused by high JPG compression disappear with one click.

Date: 2011.10.14. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 4415

Degrading Capture One to a simple image viewer

Date: 2011.10.09. Category:


 Hits: 5187

An effect similar to analogue film. We’ll splatter the “canvas”

Date: 2011.10.08. Category:


 Hits: 5063

You cannot make the skin of a politician less thick but you can smooth it out at least.

Date: 2011.09.12. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 7026

If obsolete we will make it disappear, but in other cases it will serve as a frame.

Date: 2011.09.05. Category:


 Hits: 4529

An expressive photo with hard contrast

Date: 2011.08.23. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 7419

Nudes and what lays behind

Date: 2011.08.21. Category:


 Hits: 6800

Stretch beyond the borders.

Date: 2011.08.20. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 5303

A pistol holster design for those with a quick hand

Date: 2011.08.06. Category:


 Hits: 5540

Another pair of simple and complex method for making the unpleasant color veil disappear.

Date: 2011.07.30. Category:

Paint shop pro

 Hits: 6383

A zoom effect lends dynamics and highlights themes

Date: 2011.07.28. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 11635

We’ll make a color picture look a faint old one form a couple of decades ago.

Date: 2011.07.25. Category:


 Hits: 5251
Level: advanced

For the last time, we clean up an old photograph

Date: 2011.07.24. Category:

Photo Retouch

 Hits: 8795

Custom image processing settings from an external source

Date: 2011.07.23. Category:


 Hits: 8459

Cold or warm color effect? Just a few clicks in fact.

Date: 2011.07.22. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 6605

...and there was light.

Date: 2011.06.29. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 4228

The simplest way to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, white balance and sharpness

Date: 2011.06.27. Category:

Paint shop pro

 Hits: 5520

Adding a simple and free color eraser to Photoshop

Date: 2011.06.26. Category:

Photoshop plugins

 Hits: 5699

The first article in a series introducing Phase One's RAW converter

Date: 2011.06.26. Category:


 Hits: 5332

The photographic theme can be multiplied in a picture

Date: 2011.06.20. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 5083

Adjusting Exposure after shooting

Date: 2011.06.16. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 4793

Bold, vivid colors through managing layers.

Date: 2011.06.11. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 5067

How does it look when a software is painting water surface, sun, rain, clouds and lightning?

Date: 2011.06.11. Category:

Other Programs

 Hits: 4502

Desaturation like a walk in the park

Date: 2011.06.06. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 5019

Crop a complex shape from its background using a new masking plugin

Date: 2011.06.05. Category:

Photoshop plugins

 Hits: 11067
Level: advanced

Let's find a more irregular color for the lips instead of the boring reddish pink hues. And you won't even need a beutician!

Date: 2011.05.31. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 8694

The theme is just a step away...

Date: 2011.05.26. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 4111

Lighter and more cutting eyes with a few brush strokes

Date: 2011.05.17. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 5433

Gig photos I

Date: 2011.05.12. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 3490

Battling confetti rain again

Date: 2011.04.16. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 6220

Lightening and darkening specified areas of a RAW photo

Date: 2011.04.10. Category:


 Hits: 8962

A new starlet among sharpening plugins

Date: 2011.03.27. Category:

Photoshop plugins

 Hits: 9859

HDR (tone mapped) JPG photo in Lightroom

Date: 2011.03.26. Category:


 Hits: 8391

A black-and-white photo with hard contrast

Date: 2011.03.20. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 5392

Copying a theme from one photo to another

Date: 2011.03.15. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 6926

Painless plastic surgery

Date: 2011.03.12. Category:

Photo Retouch

 Hits: 12018

Adjusting image tones directly using the histogram

Date: 2011.03.06. Category:


 Hits: 7088

A small bag from NatGeo

Date: 2011.02.26. Category:


 Hits: 7452

Another use for tone curves

Date: 2011.02.22. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 5910

Creating a custom color profile specific to your own camera

Date: 2011.02.13. Category:


 Hits: 6118

We're not frightened by a few spots

Date: 2011.02.13. Category:

Photo Retouch

 Hits: 12184

Sized for compact cams

Date: 2011.02.06. Category:


 Hits: 6519

Baby face or axe face? A cartoon plugin at work.

Date: 2011.02.05. Category:

Photoshop plugins

 Hits: 13808

What shall we do with an unruly photo?

Date: 2011.02.05. Category:

Paint shop pro

 Hits: 12364

Deceiving ourselves and everybody else by creating an artificial lake

Date: 2011.01.30. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 26778

Kata is not a shrew to tame

Date: 2011.01.22. Category:


 Hits: 7751

Featuring a digital makeup toolkit

Date: 2011.01.21. Category:


 Hits: 13495

Horror and mutilation in generous quantities!

Date: 2011.01.16. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 4929

Creating a painting rich in details

Date: 2011.01.11. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 14499

The mysteries of enhancing details in LightRoom

Date: 2011.01.08. Category:


 Hits: 6549

It filters noise and costs nothing

Date: 2011.01.03. Category:

Photoshop plugins

 Hits: 8994

Creating unique artistic effects with a fractal-based plugin

Date: 2011.01.01. Category:

Photoshop plugins

 Hits: 18767

Backpack for those traveling with photo gear, laptop and more

Date: 2010.12.31. Category:


 Hits: 6520

Creating a web-based zoomable photo viewer

Date: 2010.12.27. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 13255

We're taking on two of them

Date: 2010.12.14. Category:


 Hits: 6489

Dark corners disappear

Date: 2010.12.08. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 5955

Comparing noise filtering to the previous version

Date: 2010.11.14. Category:


 Hits: 6865

Fiddling around with layer transformation

Date: 2010.11.07. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 13656

Shadow/Highlight under inspection again

Date: 2010.10.23. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 6936

A few cameras can be triggered from Lightroom

Date: 2010.10.19. Category:


 Hits: 9614

A mid-range heavy-duty ball head with a quick socket.

Date: 2010.10.16. Category:


 Hits: 22912

The picture may be distorted, but the texture will still fit

Date: 2010.10.11. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 10286

Bluish-purple color border! Shoot to kill!

Date: 2010.10.06. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 7905

Why should a lens cap be limited to just one function?

Date: 2010.10.02. Category:


 Hits: 7430

A look at the horizon of professional tripods

Date: 2010.09.22. Category:


 Hits: 10899

The grape is ripe. We helped it.

Date: 2010.09.13. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 9931

A custom filter for the professional and the brave.

Date: 2010.08.28. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 7737

One of the most fascinating new tools in Photoshop CS5

Date: 2010.08.15. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 25261

Cropping an elliptical (oval) shape

Date: 2010.08.07. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 14899

Our review stream has reached the letter 'P', so for today, there's a portrait and the Parliament. There isn't anything more to connect the two, apart from Balázs Turay's thoughts.

Date: 2010.07.29. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 4385

A new button for adjusting tilted images

Date: 2010.07.11. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 40488

Improved noise filtering, automatic lens and perspective correction, and much more.

Date: 2010.06.30. Category:


 Hits: 6503

How to shift and adjust colors?

Date: 2010.06.15. Category:


 Hits: 7090

From gobo to snoot.

Date: 2010.06.12. Category:


 Hits: 5705

A compact photo studio with a few small accessories.

Date: 2010.06.10. Category:


 Hits: 7363

A new shadow adjustment feature in the new Photoshop release.

Date: 2010.05.12. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 22664

An overview on new features of the freshly announced image editing giant.

Date: 2010.05.10. Category:

Paint shop pro

 Hits: 9786

A classic effect invokes the golden days of photography.

Date: 2010.03.11. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 12548

A soft but sharp effect using a free soft focus plugin.

Date: 2010.02.14. Category:

Photoshop plugins

 Hits: 14338

Getting acquainted with main components and tools.

Date: 2010.01.05. Category:

Paint shop pro

 Hits: 16842
Level: advanced

A late autumn mood using a few gradient color filters.

Date: 2009.11.24. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 15948

An image viewer in a browser.

Date: 2009.11.06. Category:

Freeware programs

 Hits: 7879

A radical distortion á la fisheye lens.

Date: 2009.10.14. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 120685

Borrow sunset colors from another photo.

Date: 2009.08.15. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 14185

Vivid colors in a smart way.

Date: 2009.06.20. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 15308
Level: advanced

Custom sharpening to emphasize finer details.

Date: 2009.06.16. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 13403

Turning a yellow flower purple-just the usual thing.

Date: 2009.05.26. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 22309
Level: easy

Cutting a complex shape from a simple background.

Date: 2009.05.06. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 17842

One of the most important editing tools in Photoshop.

Date: 2009.04.26. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 62334

Preferring a blue sky to a green one?

Date: 2009.04.18. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 25865

Eat your cake and have it too!

Date: 2009.04.14. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 18536

Batch file conversion, resizing, and renaming.

Date: 2009.03.31. Category:

Freeware programs

 Hits: 6665

Introducing the new features from Corel's image editor.

Date: 2009.03.07. Category:

Paint shop pro

 Hits: 24217

Covering up the mess.

Date: 2009.02.28. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 12831
Level: Very easy

New Year's Eve is long gone. Get rid of confetti!

Date: 2009.02.16. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 14002

A color gradient for fun.

Date: 2009.02.11. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 13997

May fairs in infrared.

Date: 2009.02.08. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 5057
Level: Very easy

Let those Christmas ornaments twinkle!

Date: 2009.01.31. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 21203

"Drunken" buildings again!

Date: 2009.01.25. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 9846
Level: easy

Got means to every end. Even skin color adjustment.

Date: 2009.01.18. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 18642

A particularly handy enhancement in Photoshop CS and up.

Date: 2009.01.16. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 10986

More vivid colors in a not very traditional way

Date: 2009.01.11. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 10982

Realistic drawings without artistic skills

Date: 2009.01.07. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 33709

We're planting grass in place of a pavement

Date: 2008.12.30. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 12264

Headlong into the jungle of photo management software.

Date: 2008.12.14. Category:

Other Programs

 Hits: 8485


Date: 2008.12.07. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 15630

Chapter Seven: Ready for the web!

Date: 2008.11.27. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 7651

Shifted colors get restored.

Date: 2008.11.19. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 15241
Level: advanced

Playing with colors.

Date: 2008.11.13. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 14588

A couple of photos from nature. From near or far.

Date: 2008.11.10. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 4981

New features of the newborn - for now, only in theory.

Date: 2008.11.07. Category:

Paint shop pro

 Hits: 8067

Selected color areas can be shaped to your will.

Date: 2008.10.22. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 12182

Duotone effect using a gradient.

Date: 2008.10.13. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 10866

Gone like mist.

Date: 2008.10.09. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 18460

What's a bleached sky to us? We'll restore it in the blink of an eye!

Date: 2008.09.29. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 13180
Level: advanced

A mock-up cityscape by playing with focus.

Date: 2008.09.24. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 38357

Darker highlights and lighter shadows using any Photoshop version.

Date: 2008.09.16. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 9994

Zounds of pictures and not much patience? You may have to carry out the same steps on several pictures, but you don't have the time or patience to adjust them manually, one by one. Using actions can solve your problem.

Date: 2008.09.10. Category:

Paint shop pro

 Hits: 7138

A couple of city photos stand before our third eye.

Date: 2008.08.29. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 4747
Level: advanced

An old family portrait, born anew.

Date: 2008.08.23. Category:

Photo Retouch

 Hits: 7658

The final part of our HDR series.

Date: 2008.08.18. Category:

Other Programs

 Hits: 10865

The King of HDR software returns.

Date: 2008.08.13. Category:

Other Programs

 Hits: 9477

Merging photos of different exposure. And you don't even need Photoshop for it!

Date: 2008.08.11. Category:

Other Programs

 Hits: 9305
Level: advanced

It's hot! We went crazy in the sun and are drawing comics. Our complimentary action is hot, too!

Date: 2008.08.03. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 52316

The third eye opens again!

Date: 2008.07.31. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 5204

An eight-pointed star effect to the light sources of night-time photos.

Date: 2008.07.26. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 59012

Chapter Six: Is this horizontal?

Date: 2008.07.19. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 6792

Real optical tuning.

Date: 2008.07.16. Category:

Freeware programs

 Hits: 7647

A digital painter for Photoshop paintings.

Date: 2008.07.12. Category:

Photoshop plugins

 Hits: 25845

Last time we swapped red for blue. Now make it the other way. And another way, too.

Date: 2008.07.07. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 18194

What is Adobe's free online editor capable of?

Date: 2008.07.04. Category:

Freeware programs

 Hits: 7772

Photoshop for free?!

Date: 2008.07.01. Category:

Freeware programs

 Hits: 9802

3 in 1: colors, contrast and lightness in one go.

Date: 2008.06.30. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 10107

Chapter Five: Now what about contrast?

Date: 2008.06.26. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 7440

A zoom blur highlights the main theme.

Date: 2008.06.22. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 29298

Attaching a digital polar filter.

Date: 2008.06.19. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 11675
Level: advanced

A picture drawn from a photo-for CS and CS2 users.

Date: 2008.06.16. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 59042

A poignant contrast without bleaching out lighter areas.

Date: 2008.06.14. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 12015

Chapter Four: Colors corrected.

Date: 2008.06.12. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 7846

Finishing what we have begun.

Date: 2008.06.09. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 10128

Multiple photos on single a canvas will make up a postcard.

Date: 2008.06.08. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 12754
Level: advanced

A bit of summer nostalgia. Without cellulite, though.

Date: 2008.06.04. Category:

Photo Retouch

 Hits: 40182

Another two photos under scrutiny.

Date: 2008.06.02. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 4654
Level: advanced

A creative article, also for men!

Date: 2008.05.30. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 69865

And now for something completely different!

Date: 2008.05.25. Category:

Photo review

 Hits: 5819

Focus on the center!

Date: 2008.05.21. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 19583

Chapter Three: The Invisible unveiled.

Date: 2008.05.19. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 8917

Don't leave your photos out in the sun! Use Photoshop to wither them instead.

Date: 2008.05.15. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 17321

What to do when a photo is to be printed or processed in a digital lab?

Date: 2008.05.12. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 29144

Chapter Two: Ending the hegemony of Purple Edges.

Date: 2008.05.11. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 6938

Chapter One: How to clean up a car sticking out from the shrubbery?

Date: 2008.05.07. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 9055

Once again, we pick a fight against noise, more exactly against the grains of luminance noise.

Date: 2008.05.03. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 33041

Your photos will be sharp as a crystal shards.

Date: 2008.04.29. Category:

Photoshop plugins

 Hits: 8669

A mock-up looking effect with an imaginary tilt lens.

Date: 2008.04.24. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 34993
Level: advanced

Ready to fire... Fire up those colors!

Date: 2008.04.21. Category:

Photo Retouch

 Hits: 9273

Midtones, step forward! Stay where you are, the rest of you!

Date: 2008.04.19. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 11838
Level: advanced

A tanning bed, just a click away.

Date: 2008.04.14. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 39029
Level: very easy

Old, browned photographs... taken last morning.

Date: 2008.04.11. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 19766

Take a look at the most appropriate solution.

Date: 2008.04.10. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 15095

Get out Elements! We'll rip off those color veils.

Date: 2008.04.07. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 10238

Buildings askew, tilting backwards? Photoshop Elements does away with them in a few minutes.

Date: 2008.04.05. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 17399

A familiar situation: a light sky with buildings covered in darkness.

Date: 2008.04.04. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 20593
Level: advanced

Here's what we've promised: non-linear undo!

Date: 2008.04.03. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 8904

Time is money, even in photo editing.

Date: 2008.03.31. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 8857

Hikey, baby!

Date: 2008.03.30. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 86388

Once a digital photo, now a pastel crayon drawing.

Date: 2008.03.28. Category:

Photoshop plugins

 Hits: 51732

Some colors stay, others go.

Date: 2008.03.23. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 18764
Level: easy

Fading our last step. Beware, fading is not exactly fading!

Date: 2008.03.21. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 27341

Leveling out an askew photo... in an even simpler way.

Date: 2008.03.20. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 11840
Level: advanced

The only thing that matters-the Lab channel.

Date: 2008.03.16. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 11460

This time, we will make the corners darken.

Date: 2008.03.15. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 203637

Sending a bit of sunshine to the shadowy areas of a landscape photo.

Date: 2008.03.14. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 15789

The yellow color veil vanishes. You don't even need to struggle.

Date: 2008.03.10. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 10056

For the fourth time, we are tending to low contrast.

Date: 2008.03.09. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 9482
Level: advanced

Even rounded corners can stick out.

Date: 2008.03.08. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 12419

Sharing the secret of piercing Photoshop looks.

Date: 2008.03.03. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 25983

An annyoing darkness covers the edges of your photo. The solution is in our hands. Or rather, in this article.

Date: 2008.03.01. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 12976

100% melancholy, packed as a plugin.

Date: 2008.02.29. Category:

Photoshop plugins

 Hits: 20485

Down with paleness, lively is lovely!

Date: 2008.02.27. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 84290

A heart-shaped border for Valentine's Day.

Date: 2008.02.27. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 28168
Level: advanced

An old paper photo of a fox, full of dust, scratches and age. The fox remains, the nuisances go.

Date: 2008.02.24. Category:

Photo Retouch

 Hits: 13552

We select a single color in the picture and say goodbye to all the others.

Date: 2008.02.23. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 19694

Is your photo gloomy, cheerless, dull? Let there be light!

Date: 2008.02.22. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 28477

Aging a color photo by decades.

Date: 2008.02.21. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 13715
Level: advanced

A finished product from raw material.

Date: 2008.02.18. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 19070

Sharpening smartly, with a new feature in PSE 5.0.

Date: 2008.02.14. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 26283

The simplest way to make nice sepia photos.

Date: 2008.02.10. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 9658

Correcting what your lens messed up.

Date: 2008.02.08. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 12550

Steady nerves only! Manual white balance correction? Oh My!

Date: 2008.02.05. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 10615

Not really smoothing out but making freckles vanish.

Date: 2008.02.02. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 31381

Fruit can be ripened in the winter as well. Take a look.

Date: 2008.01.31. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 12350
Level: advanced

Bored of digital looks? Spice up your photo with film grains!

Date: 2008.01.29. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 34233

Another attempt at setting a proper contrast.

Date: 2008.01.28. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 8875
Level: advanced

We conjure colors onto a bleached sky while leaving the irrelevant areas untouched.

Date: 2008.01.24. Category:

Photo Retouch

 Hits: 47886

"Your photographer friends" will be surely humiliated when they see the carnival of colors on your nature photos. Even colors thought to be dead can be revitalized with some care. This is what the next dossier is about.

Date: 2008.01.18. Category:

Photo Retouch

 Hits: 20941
Level: advanced

With some diligent afterwork, a zoo portrait can be turned into a nice photo for monitor or web usage instead of throwing out.

Date: 2008.01.15. Category:

Photo Retouch

 Hits: 11566

ImageSkill's free plugin offers a more balanced lighting.

Date: 2008.01.12. Category:

Photoshop plugins

 Hits: 16889

There's an obscure, rarely mentioned way to do it.

Date: 2008.01.08. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 7520
Level: easy

Let's make a calendar in Photoshop Elements 4.0

Date: 2008.01.06. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 14931
Level: easy

A step onward. Or back?

Date: 2008.01.05. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 7360
Level: easy

A dumb title for a useful feature: Adjusting brightness and contrast.

Date: 2008.01.03. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 23452

You're lucky if the wall's only falling in the photo. It's easily mended.

Date: 2007.12.30. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 13391

Professional black-and-white conversion, finally also in PSE 5.0!

Date: 2007.12.28. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 13214

Another custom method to produce better black-and-white images.

Date: 2007.12.27. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 10990

We lighten up shadowed areas while breaking in those unruly highlights.

Date: 2007.12.25. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 27299

Perhaps it's not too late yet to post some Christmas cards.

Date: 2007.12.25. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 14388

Purple, blue, yellow, red edges? Fight 'em!

Date: 2007.12.22. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 12935

Sharpening a fuzzy hairball?

Date: 2007.12.22. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 9867

An almost hopeless struggle against motion blur.

Date: 2007.12.21. Category:

Photoshop plugins

 Hits: 60477

Dismissing the evil eye.

Date: 2007.12.19. Category:

PS Elements

 Hits: 11552

It is here again, and you can only trust in yourself and your software.

Date: 2007.12.15. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 9699

After all that sharpening, let's see what to do when you want to eliminate the effects of oversharpening!

Date: 2007.12.13. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 24984
Level: advanced

Our obsession for sharpening isn't over yet. We're taking on this task for the fourth time.

Date: 2007.12.12. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 11412

Put a digital passepartout around your photos.

Date: 2007.12.10. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 20181

Done with retouching? Show your photo to the whole world!

Date: 2007.12.07. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 6485

A real 2-in-1 tool in our focus.

Date: 2007.12.04. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 10629
Level: very easy

We create a faint inscription as a watermark in a corner of a photo. "Thou shalt not steal!", the Lord sayeth.

Date: 2007.11.29. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 13761
Level: advanced

Let's try to imitate the feeling the colors of negative films radiate.

Date: 2007.11.27. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 24441
Level: very easy

As always, we introduce a simple, but unorthodox method to make your pictures lighter.

Date: 2007.11.25. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 6831

It's high time we took a glance at the capabilities of the Curves feature that offers a wide-ranged and easily controllable feature for increasing contrast.

Date: 2007.11.24. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 10412

Taking the dive into the depths of Neat Image.

Date: 2007.11.23. Category:

Photoshop plugins

 Hits: 15645

Layer masks offer thousands of possibilities. Want to know about them? Step inside!

Date: 2007.11.20. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 32826

Another tip for the successful fight against color noise.

Date: 2007.11.18. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 29362

Want to resize several pictures of portrait and landscape orientation to the same dimensions simultaneously? Here's a handy trick to help.

Date: 2007.11.18. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 14537

This tip helps in creating a similar color effect for photos of different hues.

Date: 2007.11.17. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 31650

The Prince of Noise Filtering, in the form of a plugin.

Date: 2007.11.16. Category:

Photoshop plugins

 Hits: 26906

Painting an earlier picture state into a modified photo using History Brush.

Date: 2007.11.14. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 18052

You can’t get enough of borders. Another tip for digital frames.

Date: 2007.11.13. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 16524

This article is for making landscapes “more interesting”.

Date: 2007.11.12. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 26079

Digital photographer becomes virtual photographer.

Date: 2007.11.08. Category:

Photoshop plugins

 Hits: 30339

Another attempt to lighten up a dark photo. This one’s a bit more complex, but still an easy job.

Date: 2007.11.06. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 7460

Let red turn blue!

Date: 2007.11.05. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 52676

Debarrelizer & Co. strikes again.

Date: 2007.11.04. Category:

Photoshop plugins

 Hits: 15731

Once again we introduce a rarely used sharpening method with a fabulous cat portrait.

Date: 2007.11.04. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 12074

Debarrelizer & Co.

Date: 2007.11.03. Category:

Photoshop plugins

 Hits: 20227

We try to emulate a softening filter using a very simple method.

Date: 2007.11.02. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 30416

The dreamlike, colorful sundown is of course the result of our tip below.

Date: 2007.11.01. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 16038

You’ve got the landscape (building etc.), but the sky is bleached white? If you measure exposure at the sky, the object becomes too dark?

Date: 2007.10.29. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 16165

Two different photos merging with each other.

Date: 2007.10.25. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 252449
Level: advanced

How a photo becomes an aquarel.

Date: 2007.10.23. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 19257

We bring a bit of blue into the grey sky by emulating a blue gradient filter. We even try to stick a few clouds on it.

Date: 2007.10.22. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 51945

Increasing contrast is one of the simplest procedures in Photoshop. Now we introduce a less trivial way.

Date: 2007.10.20. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 10129
Level: advanced

Basic sharpening procedures (e.g. Unsharp Mask) do not distinguish between details and noise, and therefore they sharpen noise, too. We step up and try to sharpen only the substantial details.

Date: 2007.10.17. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 14618

Noise… the bogeyman! We can almost see digital photographers shiver and shrink. Well, not those who read us.

Date: 2007.10.16. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 95539

When lighting is strong, you have to fight shadows, too. They might overcome for a time, but there is always a chance for another battle.

Date: 2007.10.15. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 25659
Level: very easy

Sometimes you have to crop a photo's outer parts to make it more aesthetical. This article describes the simplest way to do it.

Date: 2007.10.12. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 7730

The photo is askew, but we boldly apply a simple and accurate remedy.

Date: 2007.10.11. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 13444

Annoying blue/purple strips appear on the borders of dark and light areas. Most of the time they can be reduced considerably, or even eliminated.

Date: 2007.10.10. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 28845

Fear not the annoying faulty pixels in your photos. The article explains how to eliminate them with care.

Date: 2007.10.08. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 37896

An occasional branch, power lines or an intruding mother-in-law disturbs the general effect of the picture? Never mind.

Date: 2007.10.05. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 38665

We try to make the colored veil on some photos disappear using a most simple method.

Date: 2007.10.04. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 15704

You have almost infinite possibilities for applying borders to your pictures. Here's number two out of infinity.

Date: 2007.09.27. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 19025

An inexhaustible topic again. First of all, a handy method for selecting similarly coloured areas.

Date: 2007.09.26. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 14620

Date stamp in the picture? How can it be?!

Date: 2007.09.24. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 37755
Level: very easy

Messed up a step? Don't panic! Just take a step back.

Date: 2007.09.18. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 8352

"It looked much better on the LCD!" The final picture is too dark on the monitor. A bit of editing is all you need.

Date: 2007.09.06. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 12268

A really simple method to create a border on photos.

Date: 2007.09.04. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 38625
Level: Very easy

A simple method to convert the 4:3 size ratio of digital photos to 3:2.

Date: 2007.08.27. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 20577

Faking it: depth of focus

Date: 2007.08.17. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 326350

Despite of the pompously-called “red eye removal mode”, your camera turns your photo subjects into rabbits? Here’s the solution!

Date: 2007.08.07. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 14903

Who needs 16 million of them when 3 is spectacular enough?!

Date: 2007.07.24. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 65725

When wrinkle remover fails, try Photoshop.

Date: 2007.07.24. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 93026

White isn’t white? Your photos are full of unrealistic colors? Don’t throw them away! Read the following article instead!

Date: 2007.06.20. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 16513

We try to simulate a relatively rare photo filter of a special effect.

Date: 2007.06.20. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 54294

The golden age of photography revives on beautiful sepia-toned photos…

Date: 2007.02.13. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 19947

What to do when buildings tilt in a curious way on your photos? A simple trick to solve the problem.

Date: 2007.02.13. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 28606

Why would you waste money on a low-quality Far East Christmas lights set when digital floodlight is at hand?

Date: 2007.02.13. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

 Hits: 20826
Level: Very easy

Let’s start at the beginning! Return to the basics and see how you can sharpen your photos easily…

Date: 2007.02.13. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

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If you want more than the B&W feature of your camera, you can find the truth in this article…

Date: 2007.02.12. Category:

Photoshop Tutorials

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