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Photoshop Tutorials|2014.09.13.
Photo review|2014.09.11.
Photoshop Video|2014.09.06.
Photoshop Tutorials|2014.09.02.

Android: Retrica


Retro photos instantly.

Removing color defects (chromatic aberration) V. in Photoshop

level: easy

Another brush tool for removing purple edges.

Photo reviews - People with titles


Ceremonial guardian / Light ad / Stains / Girly

Background blur (Photoshop Video)

level: advanced

How to blur background in your photos in Photoshop

Movie poster in Photoshop

level: advanced

Will turn a photo into a life-like painting.


Which photo editor do you often use?

Photoshop elements
Paint Shop Pro
other software


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PS Tutorials|2008.11.13.

A black tulip in Photoshop

level: advanced

Playing with colors.


Free Photoshop Tutorials:



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